If you have ever shared your room with someone you would have known how challenging it is to adjust with someone. Your preferences, temperament or lifestyle may differ which may adversely affect both of you. Bringing a dog in may throw similar challenges so much deliberation is advised. Dogs are beings with their own personality, likes and dislikes. Though each dog differs from another yet much can be known from a dog’s breed. This article discusses Rottweiler, a breed which is known to have originated in Germany. It will help you decide if a Rottweiler is right for you.


What to consider before picking a breed?

You can start by considering finances. Some dog breeds require low expenditure on their maintenance while others are high maintenance breeds. You would need to spare some time and space for the dog, both of these are important considerations before picking a breed of dog. Some dogs require more exercise and therefore need bigger space at their disposal. Some dogs can stay happy in an apartment. Temperament of the breed also matters; some dog breeds are more aggressive than others but this varies from one dog to another. Therefore a temperament test is recommended.

About Rottweiler

This breed of dog was used to control cattle and pull carts. So they are naturally powerful and energetic. These dogs are often used in army and police force as guard dogs. Popularity of this breed among American families is slowly increasing. Many celebrities including Will Smith, Lenardo Di Caprio and Robbie Williams have Rottweiler dogs as pets.

Go for a Rottweiler if you are looking for –

1. A medium to large sized dog – These dogs can grow up to 1 foot tall and can weigh as much as 130 pounds.

2. A Watchdog – These dogs are powerful and intelligent, they serve well as a watchdog. These dogs respond well to training, they in fact require it to keep them mentally active and responsive.

3. A Dog which requires less grooming – Rottweiler dogs do not require professional grooming. Regular bathing will keep them healthy and free from ticks. They sport short hair which are easy to manage.

4. A Dog which loves to go out to Play- These dogs require an active lifestyle, they cannot be confined within an apartment for the whole day. They tend to be destructive and irritable when bored. They require larger space and love the outdoors. They do not adapt too well to apartments.

5. A Dog which does not socialize: These dogs are not too open to strangers; they need to be trained to behave well. It won’t be a good idea to leave these dogs alone with children or even elderly. You need to be sufficiently powerful to control them.

6. A High Maintenance dog – These dogs often require treatment because they are susceptible to many health problems. This however gets compensated by less grooming requirement.


A thorough research is recommended before you pick a dog. Rottweiler dogs in particular are intelligent and powerful dogs. They can do well and stay happy in larger spaces with ample mental and physical exercise. So, if you have all that and are ready to adjust a little bit then a Rottweiler can be your roommate.